Downton Abbey [IN INGLESE, SUB ITA]

Giovedì 7 Novembre 2019 - ore 21:00

1927. Downton Abbey is the aristocratic residence in Yorkshire owned by the Crawley family, whose command is now the eldest daughter Mary and her brother-in-law Tom Branson, who succeeded Count Robert and his American wife Cora. When King George V and his wife Mary (the grandparents of the current Queen Elizabeth, for instance) announce their visit to the Crawleys for a dinner, all Downton Abbey mobilizes to worthily welcome the royal spouses. But for the staff working for the Crawleys, no affront is worse than the imposition, by the visiting sovereigns, of replacing the entire group of Downton Abbey servants with the staff of the Royal House!
After 52 episodes and six television seasons, Downton Abbey makes the leap to the big screen and proves to be perfectly adherent to the expectations, a well-oiled and professionally assembled gear. Thus the story of an aristocracy that is slowly fading is properly narrated and perfectly enjoyable, even by all those who have not followed the TV series.

Michael Engler

Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery

Gran Bretagna



122 min.

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